Beard Oil

Are you growing a beard? Do you want it to be easier to care for? Do you want it to be neater for work?

Then you need Beard Oil from Beyond Beards.


The skin on your face needs care. And it doesn’t stop needing care just because you’ve got a beard going. Even if you never, ever want to shave again (hello, Gandalf!), your face still needs protection from the elements. So, to mix fandoms, all you need to do is brace yourself and ask: Is winter coming?

You have probably noticed your skin still gets dry, or even sunburned, below your beard. And even the hair can become dry, too, particularly in colder climates. In addition, the hair might even break. So this is exactly where beard oil comes into play.

With all natural ingredients like grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba, your beard won’t just end up smelling sweeter. It will also be far easier to manage, as the oil moisturizes and gets right to the root of the individual hair follicle. This keeps your beard from getting brittle in more extreme temperatures, and it even smooths and softens your skin. Plus your beard will be more sleek and smooth, and more manageable.

All it takes is a few drops. Just use the dropper provided. Squeeze a few drops onto your palm and then vigorously massage it right in. Start from the underside and massage upwards and move from side to side in order to ensure thorough coverage. And don’t forget your moustache! Then grab a beard comb to make sure you get even distribution. Afterward, style as usual and you’re done. Seriously, it takes nearly no time at all.

Do it once in the morning, and later in the day if you like, but you probably don’t need to apply it more than three times in any given day, max. Just this quick application only takes a few seconds each time. Yet it prevents dandruff and dryness, and makes your beard so much easier to care for and style.

A word of advice – make sure not to apply it right before bed, as your beard needs some time to properly absorb the oil. And so you may end up with a dab of oil on your pillow.

Don’t like fragrance? Want to smell your cologne only? Or are you or your significant other allergic to even natural fragrances? That’s never a problem, because the product can come in unscented formulas as well.

But why should you select an all-natural product? Beyond the obvious question of allergies for either you or the people you are closest to, a natural product better emulates your skin and beard’s own natural oils. Furthermore, they might even give you a bit of an aromatherapy boost.

So tame your facial hair and do your skin a favor while you’re at it. Yes, beard oil can do all of that.

Natural Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Mustache Wax | Beyond Beards


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